I love this idea of giving my readers an idea of what I’m doing NOW, beyond what you see on my personal social media stuff. So, I’m embracing with full arms.


Well, the kids are back in school, so this little momma is happy to be back into the full swing of a “normal” schedule. I often have big plans for a super organized, productive, character building summer with the kids, but what actually happens is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants…what-do-we-want-to-do-today kind of summer. So, I always welcome Back to School with open arms!

I now have a senior in high school, which (TBH) is kind of freaking me out. He’s looking at university options, planning entrance exams and begging to visit this college and that. He’s my oldest, so I’m far from an empty nest, but it’s still crazy to think that my oldest is soon college-bound!

My second child just e-published her first book, which can be found on Amazon. I am so incredibly proud of her bravery in allowing the world to read her writing, and looking to see what twists and turns her writing takes next! And, if you’re interested or just generous, you can purchase her inaugural book, The Magic in Death, for $2.99 HERE 🙂

Little Bit isn’t so little anymore. She’s a big fourth grader, now, and her shoe size almost matches mine! She’s smart and spunky and has the emotional intelligence of a wise, old woman. In many ways she embraces her natural role as family glue, the peacemaker, the voice of reason, sensitive to everyone’s feelings and states of being.

20160918_183448.jpgAs for me, if it weren’t for my dislike of complaining, I’d tell you how over Texas summer heat that I am… My Midwestern friends tease me about how crazy I was over the snow and cooler months, but you can always put more clothes on to warm up, but you run out of appropriate options for clothing removal to keep cool in the heat. I do love Texas, y’all, but I wouldn’t complain to move north a bit further for the more temperate climate. Just sayin’!

I am super excited for all of the different little paths both my YouTube channel and this website are taking right now. I’m ramping up my #DAILYCHEER and allowing those to stand on their own as a YT channel unto themselves. This way, whenever you need an extra dose of encouragement and cheer, you can check out one or 30 of those, you can binge watch or watch the latest one every(ish) day for a little daily dose of smiles! Also launching is an experiment with a pseudo radio station programming lesson. If you check out “Marilyn Radio” at the top of the page, you’ll find those daily playlists and jam with me through a full-on variety of musical tastes and moods to get you groovin’ through your day!

Overall, life is treating me and mine very well. I pray that anyone reading this is feeling blessed beyond measure and excited for all of the autumn crispness of holidays, pumpkin-flavored everything, oranges and browns, and the beginnings of the frantic Christmas countdown.

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a great day,





Pic by the most amazing Wisconsinian photographer I know, David Stluka!

These days, I’m camping as often as time and schedules allow. It’s still cool enough here in the north-central part of Texas to keep the really big bugs at bay, so I’m taking full advantage!

I’m eating a lot of dried fruit–it’s just my latest craving–but when I’m not eating that or some other something that makes me feel completely healthy and rejuvenated, I’m likely shoveling junk food into my face as fast as possible before my brain catches up with my actions and stops me.

I’m SUPER excited to be soaking my new bare root trees from the Arbor Day Foundation in a bowl of water in my kitchen sink, right now. When I grow up (yes, I still say that even though I’m 38 years old…), I have a dream of owning a beautifully bare 5-7 acres, where I can plant every specimen of tree I’ve ever wanted from the ADF tree book, and enjoying the year-round selection of beauty, fruit, nuts, shade, and protection. So, most years I order a bunch of trees, and plant them, and baby them along until I have somewhere permanent for them to take residence.

Right now our family jewelry business, Houston Badge Co., is rocking and keeping me jumping! If YOU or someone you love is one of our own in the law enforcement or fire service family, please check out our website. We create custom badge miniatures in jewelry, as pendants and charms, belt buckles, gun grip inserts, you name it, so check it out if that appeals to you!

If you love socializing mediaifically, the best way to follow what I’m up to these days is on Instagram. It just seems to be my go-to these days.

Kids are good. Life is good. I’m living a very quiet existence lately, but in a weird way it’s been pretty good for me…but at the same time, I’m looking forward to the next chapter of getting back into my loud, extroverted, sharing everything under the sun self someday soon.

Until the next “NOW” update…

Make it a great day,