Fitness Apps, Artist Dawn Lensing & Puberty Talks…Oh My!


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I know better than to buy for now rather than paying for quantity, yet when my expensive blender stopped working after only two short years, I did what I never ever EVER do…I bought a super cheap blender…and IT IS TERRIBLE (in the most optimistic way…)! However, I am going to own this terrible purchase until it dies and I can justify buying my dream blender that would make all of my wildest smoothie dreams come true…and then some!

Here’s my DREAM blender…a thing of great power blending beauty:

My Simple Green Smoothie Recipe that’s super easy and delish, while only needing four ingredients:
1. handful of kale
2. 1c super charged cranberry juice
3. a couple of dollops of vanilla greek yogurt
4. handful of frozen mixed berries
…blend to smoothie deliciousness

AND if you want a more involved, seriously delicious and nutritionally super charged to the MAX smoothie, check out this video recipe of mine from a few years ago. It’s AMAZE-BALLS!!!

Now, on to the next awesome thing on my mind… What’s your favorite fitness app????
I’ve loved Endomondo, Strava, My Fitness Pal, etc., but I’m bored with them and want YOUR input!!! What apps do you love most when you’re training or tracking your nutrition??? I feel like I’ve used them ALL, yet I still like to change things up sometimes and keep it fresh! Please comment below with YOUR faves!

NEXT and really the MOST important and fabulous: Check out this incredible artist friend of mine. She. Is. Phenomenal!!!!!
DAWN LENSING @Gabrielle_Flora_Artworks on Instagram:

To say I am crazy about her work is the understatement of the century! She does large and small pieces, great interpretive pieces full of color and movement and flow and energy and pure beauty!

A funny thing happened… So, Friday Charlotte came home from school and said, “So, we had the puberty talk at school today.”

I don’t know who wanted to crawl under the table faster, me or her, but we maintained, and I was reminded of a funny story of the year my oldest (now finishing his freshman year of college!!!) brought home his permission slip for the puberty video watching at school. I was on auto-pilot, signing the stack of papers that come home every day from schools, particularly true when you have multiple children!!! So, I signed his paper, assuming I was giving my permission to watch that horribly embarrassing puberty video…it turns out this permission slip was only to be signed if we DID NOT want our children to participate. Yes, my son was the only kiddo in his grade who had to sit on the bench in the hallway while the rest of the kids watched the video, etc. Poor guy. #funnybuttrue !!!

Until next time, my friends…

Make it a GREAT day,

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