BOOK REVIEW: Food52 Vegan

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I am so excited to share with y’all this AWESOME vegan recipe book, Food52 Vegan, an absolutely beautiful book which begs you to turn the pages, admire the stunning food photography, and dive into every recipe with fork in hand. Those of you who have already embraced the vegan lifestyle may already know the author, Gena Hamshaw, from her personal blog, The Full Helping, which is chock-full of nourishing recipes, tips and tricks of the vegan trade!

Rather than focusing on creating vegan dupes of nonvegan dishes, Gena has brought together a collection of recipes that stand on their own, and…oh…they happen to also be vegan. I love that she focuses on creating wonderfully delicious, plant-based dishes without getting hung-up on what’s missing (i.e. animal products).

So many things appeal to me about this particular recipe book. Although I am not exclusively a vegan eater, it is important to me that I feed myself and my family food-fuel from seasonal, nourishing, real foods. Gena’s book speaks to that desire to steer clear of overly-processed, far-from-actual-food foods. As she states in her introduction, “At its heart, vegan food is just food.”

The recipes Gena so eloquently shares with her readers in Food52 Vegan feed our bodies in ways that “fast food” just cannot accomplish.

Because of the abundance of information Gena includes in Food52 Vegan, it reminds me of an abbreviated, less pretentious version of the classic The Joy of Cooking. Gena takes the initiative to teach about the ingredients, rather than merely listing them. When I open up a recipe, I also learn something new, learning options on ways to tweak the recipe to fit my own family’s particular tastes or health needs, which–in turn–gives me a deeper appreciation for the ingredients and the process of gathering, preparing, and presenting this nourishing food to my family.

Food52 Vegan is like a gift to the reader, and I recommend it to any cook willing to move beyond meat and potatoes, and taste how real food can truly make you feel!

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There are so many great ways to get this book AND find out more about Gena and Food52. Check out these resources and keep the high-quality food-fuel going!

FTC: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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