YouTube: The News of NOW!

super bowl blackoutWhen there was a blackout during this year’s Super Bowl, I wasn’t watching the football game, but I was watching YouTube and found out about it instantly!

I’ve never been much of a news buff–primarily because in my Pollyanna-like existence I prefer to avoid some of the gloom and doom that surrounds both world and local news. However, keeping my head buried in the sand isn’t all that smart, either.

So, I like to get my news in highlight-version…through YouTube! IF it’s critical, it’ll be posted on YouTube. IF it’s newsworthy, it’ll be posted on YouTube. IF it’s the newest, funniest trend and people are going to be talking about it, tweeting about it, making t-shirts and Pinterest pics out of it, it’ll be posted on YouTube!  IF it’s not all that important…it will likely still be posted on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean I have to click and watch the video. All my news, usually in 90 second blurbs–AWESOMENESS!!!

I can pick and choose what I want to see. I can catch 80% of the news just by scrolling through the headlines without even having to watch every video. And, I can watch a handful of my favorite newscasters and stations all from one source without also battling remote-control-wars with the family. All On YouTube!

YouTube: Like Twitter through Videos!

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